About us

Veszprog Ltd. was founded in February 1997 with the aim of implementing new ideas and innovations in the field of technical development, especially information technology systems. The experts of our company have wide ranging experiences and academic achievements in the field of computer data security, protection against computer viruses and thorough knowledge for developing multimedia systems.

Our main activities:

  • analysis of computer malware;
  • testing anti-malware solutions;
  • software testing, quality insurance;
  • consulting services;
  • multimedia developement.

The past ...

The majority of our colleagues - even years before the foundation of Veszprog Ltd. - dealt with computer virus protection. This was enhanced when we participated in the development of VirusBuster product family, significant in Hungary, in the first two years following the foundation of the company.

We entered a long-term contract with the Finnish Data Fellows Ltd (recently F-Secure) - one of the most important antivirus developers in the world -, through which we joined the quality insurance of one of the best known antivirus software.

From 2001 we have been elaborating procedures, with which the testing and quality insurance of the virus protection systems can effectively be implemented. Within our CheckVir project we have been testing and qualifying the virus protections of the Hungarian market for over three years. The results are available at www.checkvir.hu and www.checkvir.com and are published in national computer journals.

One of our main activities is multimedia developement. We have made the "National parks of Hungary I" multimedia CD-ROM in December of 1999, which was offered as an auxiliary material by the Hunagrian Ministry of Education. The second part was finalized in March of 2001. We have made an other multimedia CD-ROM for the Hungarian National Tourist Office. It introduces the Balaton Region and provides a lot of tourist information in three languages.

In the last years an automatic testing system for antivirus solutions was developed in the cooperation with the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. This project was supported by the National Office for Research and Technology.

The present and the future ...

Our main aim - as independent expert - is to provide useful information and help computer users for establishing a powerful protection against malware. The main purpose of CheckVir realtime antimalware testing is to help antimalware developers in their work against malware and to provide correct and exact information for computer users about the performance of antimalware products.

Veszprog Ltd. offers a powerful service pack helping AV distributors and resellers in their work. This service is based on a high quality virus laboratory and human resources. It means mainly the analysis of malware and exactly documenting their properties.

Currently with the cooperation of College of Dunaújváros we are working on an automatic online risk analyser system which can help operators of information systems in their work.

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